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Survival Games Rules Empty Survival Games Rules

Post  FireworkMaster9 on Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:03 am

Here are the Player and Host rules for our server. They are posted in-game too.

Player Rules:
1. Only one Player can win The Survival Games unless told otherwise.

2. You cannot break any blocks besides leaves and mushrooms.

3. You can only place blocks you find in chests.

4. You inventory must be empty when the Games start.

5. No players are allowed to enter the Host House.

6. You are not allowed to break the fire in the center ring.

7. PvP at the spawn is only allowed in the spawn PvP arena.

8. Please don't swear, spam, or be a dumbass too much.

Manager+ Rules:
1. No giving players tips of locations of other players and chests

2. No giving items to players besides a sponsor.

3. Follow all "Events" at the correct times.

4. You can't spawn mobs on players, too many complaints.

5. No killing the players. If you do, you tp them back to where they died.

6. You can tp a player out of a hole if they get stuck in a hole.

7. Give countdown before pulling the lever.

8. Don't give out items for sponsers unless Fire give you control.

9. Don't repair anything, we got backups.

10. Use common sense. Don't be a dumbass.

11. If your going to play a round, please play fair.

12. If Fire gives your control because he had to go, you must use the /stop command after the current round is over.

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